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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Sticky: Unscheduled downtime: 4/20/17 8:28am - 4/21/17 4:17am | 100+Gbps DDoS 4,469  40  Cary  06/29/2017 01:57AM 
Last Post by groupie
Sticky: Welcome to Fairfax Underground! [New users read this first]    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6 All 612,834  514  Cary  06/13/2017 10:15PM 
Last Post by Anti-robospam
Exhuming Confederates Interred in Arlington National Cemetery 285  11  Billy.T.Sherman  08/18/2017 12:39AM 
Last Post by Your A Totaly Sick POS
White People Are SO STUPID! 744  23  "Colored"  08/18/2017 12:28AM 
Last Post by Loose stool
Commentary: Local Impact of Illegal Immigration 392  20  Pinky-Ringed Politician  08/18/2017 12:22AM 
Last Post by Liberals & Democrats Dont Care
Guess it's time to put Bubba in his place again 342  20  Damned Yankee  08/18/2017 12:21AM 
Last Post by Billy.T.Sherman
Buying a World Series costs an arm AND a leg not an arm OR a leg 52  Peg  08/18/2017 12:18AM 
Last Post by Nationals.Jihadist
Dead transvestite Colton West linked to Moreno Crime Family of Sterling 1,297  33  Cub Reporter  08/18/2017 12:15AM 
Last Post by hnvpe
Fox News Host Cries Because Conversation On Race Makes Her ‘Uncomfortable’ 280  10  Derpers gonna Derp  08/17/2017 11:21PM 
Last Post by Eric Holder
English Quoran Roadside Signs? 264  10  Back To YourSand-Filled Shithole  08/17/2017 10:49PM 
Last Post by NBXV9
We need to tear down Washington Monument and Jefferson Memeriol 375  19  RealDonaldTrump  08/17/2017 10:49PM 
Last Post by #BLM
Is it me, but does this area attract some of the worst looking people? 491  20  Wtf!!!  08/17/2017 10:44PM 
Last Post by 3mjpc
fcps school buses 184  question of the day  08/17/2017 10:38PM 
Last Post by Fcps grad??
Stuart High School grad 52  Lina Maria Lenis Gonzalez  08/17/2017 10:30PM 
Last Post by Lina Maria Lenis Gonzalez
5 year old girl abducted and raped in Alexandria 969  35  Uncle  08/17/2017 10:15PM 
Last Post by Howard
Dulles airport white van bomb scare??? 74  StayWOKE  08/17/2017 10:07PM 
Last Post by causeican
how do you strike through words of a previous post 142  10  computer illiterate  08/17/2017 10:04PM 
Last Post by Charles Martel of Tours
Trump gets stronger by the day 294  12  Dr King  08/17/2017 09:43PM 
Last Post by Not a fan
A small "run by whites" country in a sea of democrat protestors and terrorist "muslim spring": a hawaii in the pacific 128  breitbart  08/17/2017 09:13PM 
Last Post by mnemonic
RENAME GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY 1,135  30  time to get serious  08/17/2017 09:09PM 
Last Post by ai
Last Post by Shake my damn head
12 new teachers -CELEBRATE DIVERSITY 584  12  fcps news  08/17/2017 07:38PM 
Last Post by Better Approach
Democrats got billions in the name of "preserving history" school Grants, now spending the same trying to change history. Refund of Grant money is legally required !! 70  millions and billions  08/17/2017 07:15PM 
Last Post by B.jack
ANTIFA sounds like a black girl's name. LOL. "YO ANTIFA WHAT'S UP GIRL?" LOL 175  11  GO AHEAD CALL ME A RACIST  08/17/2017 06:29PM 
Last Post by Never gets old
FAIL STOP/YIELD ENTERING HWY 329  jamie m  08/17/2017 05:16PM 
Last Post by jamie m
County code on balconies 900  43  HairyHomeowner  08/17/2017 05:04PM 
Last Post by flyfisher
Fairfax County Leave Policy for August 21, 2017 405  DPHS  08/17/2017 04:39PM 
Last Post by Katie Flower
Any "Car Maintenance for Dummies" Classes? 156  11  Two Feet In The Grave  08/17/2017 04:24PM 
Last Post by Eweww
Conservative vs. liberal Catholic churches nearby 2,788  41  Meadowridge99  08/17/2017 04:11PM 
Last Post by Guido Sarducci
What Confederate Monuments Need to be Removed In Fairfax County? 984  67  Enough is Enough,  08/17/2017 02:55PM 
Last Post by phelpsmarc
So is UVA removing the Statue Now? 189  Remove it!  08/17/2017 02:35PM 
Last Post by It's a thin line...
Harvard - exposed as a fake lawschool teaching facsism to judges for 100 years - attacking Breitbart news California - one of the very 57  uncle sam  08/17/2017 01:25PM 
Last Post by uncle sam
Fairfax County Police Looking for Silver Mini-Van With Soccer Ball and Rocket on Back 229  Mig Ruff  08/17/2017 01:16PM 
Last Post by Found Safely
Is there any update on the two bodies found in Holmes Run Park in March? 238  Shitburger  08/17/2017 12:54PM 
Last Post by loom1315
aVOID mALILA eSSAR AKA LILI ESSAR and Brett Evans 127  Tired of punkass losers  08/17/2017 12:48PM 
Last Post by Its true i seen him do it
Big O and Dukes coming back?    Pages: 1 ... 92 93 94 All 406,860  9,386  VA Phins Fan  08/17/2017 12:42PM 
Last Post by peekza
PHONE PHISHERS--not to answer if you see this no 108  ylklykylk  08/17/2017 12:03PM 
Last Post by 2017 Way
Snowflakes fight back 777  37  Snowflake  08/17/2017 11:53AM 
Last Post by Niggabesmart
EPL in Chantilly area 136  Smitty  08/17/2017 11:21AM 
Last Post by Smitty
At what age does the average American man finally WAKE UP and realize that instead of an American woman they would much rather have a petite Asian woman or petite latina woman from a foreign country? 757  23  dluxc  08/17/2017 10:12AM 
Last Post by em6mf
White Supremacist cries on camera at prospect of arrest 86  Derpers gonna derp  08/17/2017 09:44AM 
Last Post by Derpers gonna derp
Mark Holt a Virginia Process Server Illegally stopped and falsely arrested for Impersonating a Police officer. And possessing a firearm. 4,571  59  Bobby Sands  08/17/2017 09:35AM 
Last Post by yessw
Natalee Holloway's remains found? 547  Could it be?  08/17/2017 09:07AM 
Last Post by paranoid and stupid
CELEBRATE DIVERSITY NEW TEACHERS 321  DR. Brabrand  08/17/2017 08:59AM 
Last Post by what would trump say
Loud Muffler Revving in the area at all hours 616  21  Sugar in the Tank Bitches  08/17/2017 08:24AM 
Last Post by Hangry
"Ethno-nationalists are losers!" 68  Stevie Bannon  08/17/2017 05:12AM 
Last Post by Stevie Bannon
bodge sisters 7,596  61  stink finger  08/17/2017 05:01AM 
Last Post by Left out
Old pictures of Fairfax county, love em!    Pages: 1 ... 79 80 81 All 727,509  8,059  Kings Parker  08/17/2017 12:52AM 
Last Post by 1972 ..In Fairfax County
Loudoun County Democrats attacking COMSTOCK - Comstock is not their Congressional District Congresswoman 194  barbara with her friends ...  08/16/2017 11:53PM 
Last Post by Dyke detector
anello guess cuore pendente questa stagione 38  langbao  08/16/2017 11:49PM 
Last Post by langbao
white america is being taken over by hispanics and asians 373  14  knowwhoyouis  08/16/2017 11:19PM 
Last Post by Asians can't drive
The nog in the hud house down the street got a new Harley today. 322  Nognognog  08/16/2017 10:56PM 
Last Post by nosy neighbors
Hypocritical LEFT: Here are some vehicular attacks they didn't care about! 394  16  uiuiuiuiu  08/16/2017 10:41PM 
Last Post by Uncle Sampson
Fire & rescue activity in Springfield? 236  Navihawk  08/16/2017 10:33PM 
Last Post by Don't Know Everything
Derek Mohler - Known Drug Dealer at Burke Glory Days Grill    Pages: 1 ... 7 8 9 All 61,400  869  Former Glory Days Grill Employee  08/16/2017 10:32PM 
Last Post by Cutie pie
Solar eclipse glasses 500  15  YNPTT  08/16/2017 10:28PM 
Last Post by wally
ANNUAL PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX BLOWS!!! 445  12  Slave  08/16/2017 09:43PM 
Last Post by Greybeard
Any info on lawyer Phil Leiser? 1,392  14  LawRef  08/16/2017 09:17PM 
Last Post by we LOVE Phil!
Robert B. Nealon - The Best Traffic Lawyer in Northern Virginia! - 703-684-5755    Pages: 1 2 3 All 11,967  248  Saved from Fairfax County jail by Bob Nealon  08/16/2017 09:16PM 
Last Post by Bob Is The ManP
Generous George's Memories Start Here! 422  Generous George's  08/16/2017 09:13PM 
Last Post by About George
Undeveloped land across from Villa Lee on Rt. 29 2,286  13  Fred Knoblach  08/16/2017 09:00PM 
Last Post by Reallycoulduse
Ashley Madison Hack Names and Addresses From Fairfax - Loudoun - Prince William - The One You've Been Waiting For! [Censored]    Pages: 1 ... 14 15 16 All 765,443  1,544  Mrs. Snowden  08/16/2017 08:37PM 
Last Post by Justice Hainey sucks black dick
Wildlife Of NOVA Pics and Stories    Pages: 1 2 All 4,172  110  Wildlife Lover  08/16/2017 08:01PM 
Last Post by epkyy
Willow Springs principal bullying teachers?    Pages: 1 2 All 10,741  119  karenlovesvirginia  08/16/2017 06:16PM 
Last Post by HallP
I recently got a job at Fairfax County Government 721  17  FFX CTNY WORKER  08/16/2017 05:59PM 
Last Post by Inquisitive One
What does Karen Keys-Gamarra's policy regarding supporting the School Board's legislative agenda really mean for the Special School Board Election? 387  20  Inquisitive One  08/16/2017 05:21PM 
Last Post by Inquisitive One
Washington was a slaveowner,so all you snowflakes send your dollars to me since you all are offended 111  Don Rickles  08/16/2017 04:57PM 
Last Post by Don Rickles
MVHS To have BLACK LIVES MATTER GROUP THIS SCHOOL YEAR 283  Former Major 15  08/16/2017 04:47PM 
Last Post by Derpers gonna derp
Disorderly conduct by injury to a statue 114  Poor injured statue  08/16/2017 03:54PM 
Last Post by chimp out monitor
I'm quitting the Junkies    Pages: 1 2 All 13,808  198  Bret  08/16/2017 03:08PM 
Last Post by KLP
Nazi Flags in Fairfax County - Lets shame them 535  16  Fuck the Alt-Right  08/16/2017 02:39PM 
Last Post by Just sayn
When are the training classes for new bus drivers? 1,105  13  busdriverwannabe  08/16/2017 02:23PM 
Last Post by lbss82bruin
HS Football 2017    Pages: 1 2 3 4 All 9,787  318  HS Football 2017  08/16/2017 01:21PM 
Pagans MC    Pages: 1 ... 12 13 14 All 233,633  1,399  moonshine  08/16/2017 01:17PM 
Last Post by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Three arrested in missing Alexandria teen gang member case 382  WalshArabia  08/16/2017 11:08AM 
Last Post by Bucky
GW PARKWAY NEEDS SOME SERIOUS REPAVING 103  Lazygov  08/16/2017 10:32AM 
Last Post by D.T.
The Burke Nudist Association 1,503  slinkeyts  08/16/2017 10:31AM 
Last Post by Winston.
Is Fox 5 News strictly for the Nigs now? 11,857  90  Tjem4  08/16/2017 10:10AM 
Last Post by Herbert Kornfeld
Redneck Monuments to Racism Coming Down - Now Let's Get Their Guns 390  27  #FixingAmericaBetter  08/16/2017 09:29AM 
Last Post by Ricky be mad
McCaullife, Soros and Antifa burn Charlottesville 727  29  American Thinker  08/16/2017 09:28AM 
Last Post by hahahaha
aveva solo 24 anello guess uomo anni. 62  langbao  08/16/2017 04:35AM 
Last Post by langbao
Gypsy families working togethor to screw over landlords?    Pages: 1 2 All 15,943  142  DataDistiller  08/16/2017 04:12AM 
Last Post by FUCK u roma SLUTBAG
Tom Gavin suspended 6,244  26  Dr. Tom Davis  08/16/2017 03:55AM 
Last Post by Norm Marcocci
sono quasi Guess Gioielli Regalo naturalmente 43  langya  08/16/2017 03:41AM 
Last Post by langya
Who is the sleaziest, most dishonest attorney in Fairfax? 2,275  15  Better Call Saul  08/15/2017 11:49PM 
Last Post by Friendly Phil
Virginia has always always been a sad sorry ass forest Gump redneck white ginger bread shithole.. Whites in Virginia =house niggaz 123  Legalize Marijuana in Prison VA  08/15/2017 11:37PM 
Last Post by Posts like yours...
who exactly is Crystal Koons? (the female in all those car commercials for local Koons dealers)    Pages: 1 2 3 All 50,227  238  Jolian  08/15/2017 11:36PM 
Last Post by observant
Reminder: this race shit is a strategic attack 249  causeican  08/15/2017 11:17PM 
Last Post by Libtardz-R-Us
Robinson New Coach 516  HS Bball Fan  08/15/2017 11:02PM 
Last Post by NR Fanatic
Harris Lateef liberal or Republican 579  Harris Lateef liberal or Republi  08/15/2017 10:38PM 
Last Post by gay liberal
Isis vs. antifa? 120  Cranky  08/15/2017 10:28PM 
Last Post by Christina Martel of Tours
Beware of this law firm    Pages: 1 2 All 18,864  160  Donna  08/15/2017 10:17PM 
Last Post by are they still in business?
Burqas in Fairfax County 1,438  30  bxnsns  08/15/2017 09:55PM 
Last Post by groovybxnty
Free single mother starter kit available now for Fairfax women 1,932  19  Womansupportnetwork  08/15/2017 09:37PM 
Last Post by Analonly
VDOE Releases 2016-2017 SOL Test Results 107  VDOE  08/15/2017 08:53PM 
Last Post by VDOE
Victor's pizza den in West Springfield CLOSED FOREVER! 500  13  Pizza eater  08/15/2017 08:34PM 
Last Post by jesus-fuck!
Fairfax Circle Plaza Shopping Center    Pages: 1 2 All 12,844  134  JK  08/15/2017 05:24PM 
Last Post by GBBN4
fake jews organized both sides of charlottesville massacre....blm by soros and wlm by jason kessler 297  12  Yeshua saves, nwo enslaves  08/15/2017 05:19PM 
Last Post by John 14:6 YeshuaTheOnlyWay2God
Seeking more info on the ghost of Eva    Pages: 1 2 All 18,702  160  scary dude  08/15/2017 04:55PM 
Last Post by ghost fkr
Why are they calling that girl that got run over and died a hero? 679  25  Don Rickles  08/15/2017 04:54PM 
Last Post by Ya.. She Wanted to Die..WTF??
New Sex Cult in Fairfax County 1,883  20  The Big Donger  08/15/2017 04:35PM 
Last Post by Roller
What are this African Americans teens doing ? 900  17  American god  08/15/2017 02:39PM 
Last Post by Dudeperfect007
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